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Continuous  Passive Motion is a postoperative procedure designed to aid in the recovery after joint surgery. After extensive joint surgery, if a patient fails to move their joint, the tissue around the joint will become stiff and scar tissue will form, resulting in a joint with limited range of motion, which often takes months of physical therapy to recover. OptiFlex-K1 Knee CPM has interchangeable hand controls for maximum versatility.

Rental CPM per Day

    Terms:  All items are rented on a daily, weekly (7days), monthly (30 days), 2-3 months (60-90 days) or 3-12 months basis.  If an extension is needed we must have at least a 24 hour notice.  An additional daily rate of rental begins the following day after your initial rental period has ended, should it not be returned on scheduled date.   Rental on equipment starts the day the equipment is received in home or is picked up and stops when the equipment is picked up. 
    The Customer is responsible for replacement costs of damaged, missing or permanently stained rental equipment.  WARNING: State of California Penal Code §485 PC provide that failure to return rented equipment as agreed at time of rental is considered prima facie evidence of larceny and will be prosecuted. In the event Horizon Medical Supply institutes legal proceedings to recover missing property or damages arising from the contract, we will be able to recover Legal fees along with any additional costs to damaged equipment. 
    Test and (or) Repair Charges – If returned equipment appears broken due to misuse, a test and repair charge of $50.00 may be charged for inspection, testing and minor repairs required to return the Equipment to service.  This charge will be payable at the end of this agreement.  If the equipment cannot be repaired, the customer will be notified and will be responsible for the designated replacement cost of the Equipment.
    Limitation of Liability and Indemnity:  
    Limitation of liability – In no event will Horizon Medical Supply be liable to the Customer for any Incident or injury, indirect or consequential damages however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise.
    Indemnity – The Customer agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless Horizon Medical Supply from and against all claims, damages and costs including legal expenses arising out of Customer’s use of the equipment.
    I agree that I have been instructed on how to use the equipment and take full responsibility for the proper use and care of the equipment during the rental period so that it is returned in the same condition as when received.
    I fully understand that I am responsible for any and all damages and therefore repair costs that may arise from use of the product during my rental period.  

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